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Classic lashes are for a more natural lash look for those that don't want dramatic but also don't want to wear mascara.

Volume lashes are for a more dramatic look that work for day or night and give a fuller looking lash line.

Ultimate or mega volume lashes are also available for a more extreme look, however, it should be noted that the more lashes applied to a single lash, the bigger the gap should lashes fall out do to rubbing or high water or oil exposure.

It is always a good idea to bring a picture of your desired outcome to the first appointment so I can have a better idea of your expectations.  I can use different lengths, diameters, curl patterns and number of lashes per natural lash to make a personal look just for you.

Lash examples.jpeg

Customer Reviews

Shay was so great! She was super accommodating and made arrangements to get me in when she heard I had a trip coming up. Now my lashes are fabulous and ready fir vacay! Not only is she sweet, but she gave me gorgeous lashes!!

Stephanie (Groupon) 7/30/2021

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