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I choose products that give the best lift and open up the lash to take in the color more effectively.  Colors can be customized in different shades of red, red-brown, black and jet black.

Customer Reviews

Lash lift is the process of chemically altering the way the lashes stand up and curl. A lash lift will last the life of the lash.  Customerly, those that get the lashes lifted prefer to get them tinted at the same time to really make them stand up and out.

Shay is very professional and I love the way my lashes look now :) My lashes look curled up and they still look natural! Thank you

Daniela (Groupon) 3/6/2021

Eyebrow lamination is much the same process as an eyelash lift.  This process makes the eyebrows stay in place as thought they were freshly brushed before applying make up.  Eyebrow tinting with a lamination helps to make the brows look fuller or in the case of blondes and redheads, makes them less invisible.

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