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My goal with any facial is that my client leaves feeling relaxed and satisfied with the service. 

~ Shay

On average, a facial takes 45 minutes to one hour.  

Facials should never be done the  same day as a special event, for example a wedding, as it can leave the skin red or blotchy looking for several hours. Also, some individuals experience post facial break out due to the facial bringing all of the impurities to the surface so they can be exited from the pores.

Basic facials include a deep clean of the face and neck, massage to increase circulation, masking and different treatments as added, for example; blackhead extraction. Tone, moisturize and specialized applications like under eye creams or LED light therapy.

I use only organic products in facials, that are never tested on animals.


Advanced facials start with the basic facial, masking and added treatments such as galvanic current, Gua-sha stone massage and LED light therapy for anti aging, acne or skin tightening.

Customer Reviews

Shay was amazing. She was so calm and compassionate. I went for facial but got surprised with other care she provided. I had neck, arm and foot message too. Had the best relaxing experience. Will highly recommend.

Sarika (Groupon) 7/30/2021

I absolutely loved this experience! I left feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated and my face felt fantastic. The hand and foot massage during the time when I had a mask on really were a wonderful compliment to the experience. I highly recommend Shay!

Audrey (Groupon) 6/19/2021

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